When it comes to antiques in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ferguson's Antique Mall is more than a name, it's a tradition.  It's humble beginnings started in downtown Cincinnati as Race Street Auction in 1951 and it quickly became widely known among antique collectors.  Ferguson's Auction became a family affair.  The Ferguson family patriarch, Mindell Ferguson and his wife and matriach of the enterprise, Helen Ferguson, were assisted by their children.  Their five children, four sons Ernest, William (Bill), John, Donald and daughter Brenda could be found helping out and eventually carrying on the family business.   

Antiques Is Our Business


At Ferguson Antiques we stand behind our merchandise with a 100% guarantee.  We sell quality items at the best prices in Cincinnati, have over 65 years experience, and are knowledgable about our merchandise .  We  sell at unbeatable prices.  That's why other antique shops owners, shop at Ferguson's.   Our staff is always available to help or answer questions.  Whatever you are looking for in antiques, make our shop your first stop.  

"Ferguson Antiques is my favorite shop, I always find  just what I was looking for!"

"I felt like I was given a lesson about antiques.  Thank you, Mr.  Ferguson. "

The staff was knowledgable and the prices were fantastic!"
—said by Ferguson's Customers

Antiques Are Our Business
                                      Just what I was looking for!